Virtual Personal Training


Workout with me anywhere, with my live online personal training sessions. Skype, FaceTime, Messenger or Zoom personal training sessions give you the option of staying home and having the same interaction as if I was personally there. The only difference is that you log in to Skype, Zoom, Messenger or I call you on FaceTime. I have been offering these sessions for years to my clients that travel and clients out of state with great success. They love it.

What about equipment?

If you have equipment that you can incorporate into your training that’s great, but you don’t need much to start. There are many exercises that we will do that use your own body weight and minimal equipment. You would need a laptop, mobile device or iPad so we can use the webcam. A mat and a bottle of water is also necessary. I also like to use dumbells, TRX, resistance bands and balls, depending on the clients goals and fitness level. Nice day? We can take it outside! I love putting down a mat and doing the whole session outdoors when possible.

How do we start?

If you are a new client I give an initial consultation for free before your 1st session. This includes a review of your health and fitness goals as well as injury history.  You would schedule your sessions with me just like an in-home client and I will call you at our scheduled time via Skype, Zoom, Messenger or FaceTime. It is that easy. 

  1. 1. Contact me for initial consultation
  2. 2. Pay for sessions using Zelle or Paypal 
  3. 3. Schedule your session times with me
  4. 4. I will call you via FaceTime or Skype for your workout


How about Nutrition?

I am a Certified Nutritionist and I can incorporate healthy eating habits, recipes, cooking idea's and meal plans if that is what my client needs. Eating is a huge part of your success whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger and more toned or just get healthier. Every client is unique in his or her needs but healthy nutrition is paramount to all of us.

Clients that have had me at their homes and try Skype and FaceTime have really been surprised at how much they like it! So, now you can get the same results as an in-home session without driving to the gym. No more excuses.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)