Real people achieving real results!

Angie W:

I truly enjoy working with Carrie! She has been kind, supportive and understanding throughout my entire journey. She has motivated me to become my best self. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to better themselves mentally and physically.


Diana H:

Carrie is amazing to work with. She builds a routine to fit you individually. She’s the best cheerleader you could ask for. I’m so glad we’ve crossed paths. I haven’t felt this good about myself in years.


Surita C:

My experience working with Carrie is in a word: AMAZING! She is professional, consistent and warm hearted. She challenges me even on days I don't want to be challenged. Always has a fresh new work out routine so nothing is routine! She pushes me gracefully and respectfully but when she tells me that "I am amazing" during really difficult moments when I don't think I can hold plank for one more second or do another jump or lift anymore weight, that is when the magic happens - she really does make me feel like I am amazing and I believe I am in that moment! Thanks for helping me reach my fitness goals! If you are looking for the best of the best - she is the real deal. Have worked out with different trainers over the years and she is truly awsome and unique! You will not be disappointed. Blessings to you Carrie and keep doing what you are doing, you have a gift. ?? ?


Shannon B:

I wanted to share my story and the difference My Positive Fitness has made in my life and my husband’s.
Six years ago I was no longer able to play Volleyball because of professional commitments, medical issues and I reunited with my soulmate, who happens to be an excellent chef. It was the perfect storm and over the 6 years I gained over 50 pounds.
I became less active, felt terrible and was embarrassed to go anywhere in case I ran into someone I knew. I jeopardized friendships by declining invitations without solid reasons and my husband started to adopt my sedentary lifestyle. I even lost confidence professionally. Pictures were out of the question.
We tried all kinds of programs and they never lasted or yielded any significant results.
We finally had enough and reached out to Carrie and My Positive Fitness. That was a life changing decision.
The program has us moving again, exercising and eating healthier. My husband gained new culinary skills and we have a better appreciation for food.
After six weeks I lost 20 pounds and a lot of inches. My husband lost 52 pounds and a lot of inches as well. He also no longer gets Gout. Something he previously had daily. Most our health concerns have disappeared.
We are on vacation at our favorite place and have more energy to explore more than we have ever before and do things we previously would not have done because of our prior conditions. It has been amazing!
My journey is not complete and there are more goals to accomplish but with the resources and support from My Positive Fitness, I am confident the goals will in fact be accomplished.
Thank you to Carrie and My Positive Fitness! Words cannot express our gratitude in getting our lives back, personally and professionally.


Darcy W:

I had tried and failed on my own to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Then I heard through the grapevine about Carrie at My Positive Fitness and thought, I'll make a phone call...what could it hurt. BEST phone call & decision I've made in a long time. My experience with Carrie has been literally life-changing. I've lost significant weight, gained muscle & confidence all while not overwhelming my wallet or schedule. Working with someone who is genuine & sincere about helping people obtain their goals and not scream at you or try to make a buck had made all the difference. Her knowledge and positive attitude are inspiring and were just what I needed!